Open Invitation, Chapter 3

Title: Open Invitation
Chapter: 3
Pairing: Broh (Iroh II/Bolin)
Length: ~1,800 words
Summary: Iroh takes great interest in Bolin and pursues it.  Bolin doesn’t know how to handle the attention.
Notes: I wrote the first two chapters before the finale aired.  That makes this AU!  It doesn’t follow canon.  I’m setting it up so starting with chapter four, it’ll more closely resemble canon, but it’s kinda… still not.

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Now and then the servant found and checked on Bolin. The earthbender would send him to fetch more wine.  Though he protested, he did, in fact, always bring more.

The Housing was big.  Ceilings were high, many of them painted, and there were more rooms with big tables in them than Bolin could keep track of.  It baffled him — what were they all for?  He didn’t think on it much, though.  With all that wine in his system, he was feeling heavy and hot and he just wanted to find a room he could relax in, not a room to think about.

“Take me to the General’s room,” Bolin demanded of the servant when finally he returned once more with the wine.

“But Sir—”

“Take me!”  Bolin laughed and leaned on the servant who turned his nose up and away from the intoxicated teenager.  “The General’s room, good sir!”

“Yes, sir,” the servant said, stripping Bolin’s arm off his shoulders.  “Right this way, sir.”  And so Bolin was led to the General’s resting room. 

The ceilings were high and there was a table, like a dining set, by the entryway.  The level of the room rose, which Bolin found by tripping up it, and the bed was tucked away off to the side; they were practically two separate rooms.  “Be gone, good man,” Bolin muttered as he stumbled onto the four-poster, but the servant had already left and shut the door behind him.

Laughing to himself, he sprawled onto his back and closed his eyes.  This room, the bed… Bolin didn’t actually know how the General smelled, but if he did have a smell, this was probably it.  A little musky, a little fresh… Bolin pictured the General in his uniform standing with his shoulders straight and his arms behind his back.  The image quickly dissolved to make room for the General, topless this time, climbing into bed.  Eyes still closed, Bolin reached up expecting to touch his hair, but his hand went instead to the imaginary bare chest.  At that moment, Bolin began to ache.

His hand moved now to his stomach.  He squirmed under it as though not wanting to admit his own intent, but the alcohol pushed his hand lower and forced his fingers under the waistline of his pants.  He let out a long breath as he began to touch himself, slowly massaging his way to an erection.  The imaginary Iroh over him leaned over and pressed his mouth against Bolin’s neck, kissing him, whispering, telling him to relax.  Telling him he’d be gentle, if that was what he wanted.  Or not, if that was what he wanted. 

He licked his lips as his breathing heightened and he began to stroke himself more quickly.


The drunken teen opened his eyes.  “G-g-general, Sir!” he said, quickly covering himself with a pillow.

Iroh’s coat was off.  His sleeves were rolled to his elbows, the top couple were buttons undone, and his hair was falling from its usual shape.  “My servant said you’d be in here,” he said, a hand on his hip.  “I was under the impression my chambers were the last place I’d find you.”  He took a step toward the bed; Bolin inched backward. 

“I was just- uh.  I was waiting for you, then I thought I’d-”  He laughed nervously as Iroh climbed onto the bed.  “Take a nap?  After some wine?  And, uh… wait…”

Iroh smirked.  Bolin squeaked and clutched tightly to the pillow over him.

“Wait for me,” the General repeated.

Bolin’s throat went dry.  “Yes,” he whispered.

“Were you thinking of me?”  Iroh put a hand on the pillow.  Bolin shook his head as the general removed his safeguard.  He felt exposed, even with his pants still on.  “Then who were you thinking of?”

“It was you,” Bolin whispered against his better judgment.  He grinned, a drunken attempt to mask his embarrassment.  “You’re much cooler in my fantasy.”

Iroh laughed. “Am I?  How so?”

“Well first of all, you don’t embarrass me!” Bolin accused, pointing a finger.  Iroh grabbed the hand and pushed Bolin down against the bed, kissing him hard on the mouth.  Bolin’s eyes widened, but Iroh didn’t relent; he ran his fingers through the earthbender’s hair, and stroked the side of his face with his thumb.  The kiss tasted of scotch, or was it whiskey, and Bolin felt less guilty about drinking so much wine.

When he rose, he kept Bolin pinned to the bed with a hand on his chest.  Bolin didn’t try to get away.   “Come on,” he breathed instead, his hips squirming.

Iroh leaned over and kissed Bolin more gently this time.  Bolin closed his eyes.  His hands moved to Iroh’s back, but found himself frustrated with the thick cotton shirt over it.  He pulled it up and slid his hands underneath, now able to revel in the warmth of the strong man over him.

“Come on, please,” Bolin whispered again.  Earlier, he ached; now he was in need.

The second plea was all Iroh needed.  He moved himself between the earthbender’s legs and tugged at the hem of his pants.  “You’re sure?” Iroh whispered, taking the erection into his hand.  “I’ll ask only once.”

Bolin hoisted himself onto his elbows and nodded, unconsciously biting his bottom lip.  That was a free-go for Iroh.  He opened his mouth and ran his tongue along the underside of Bolin’s length before he took the head inside, stroking the length as he worked. 

“Ah, no!” Bolin called out, surprised by the the use of Iroh’s mouth.  He didn’t really know what he was expecting, but that wasn’t it.  In protest, he reached touch and tried to push Iroh’s head back, but the Iroh responded with a quick squeeze of his shaft before taking more of his cock in his mouth.

Bolin was weakened.  Groaning, he tilted his head back and settled instead on gripping the older man’s hair.  “G-general Iroh, sir…” he panted, eyes squeezed shut.

It didn’t take long.  The General tried to savor it by slowing down each time he thought Bolin might release, but Bolin’s needs were stronger than Iroh’s teasing.  Without meaning to, Bolin came in the General’s mouth.

Iroh pulled back and caught his breath.  His hair was messier now and he was smirking.  As Bolin slowly came down from from his orgasm, he watched the General use the back of his hand to wipe the remnants of their act off his face.

Bolin, realizing again how drunk he was, covered his face with his hands.  “What did we just do?” he asked.

“Did you not like it?”

“We shouldn’t have done that,” Bolin said with a sigh.  “I shouldn’t have come here.  Mako’s probably worried.”

“Awkward time to bring your brother up,” Iroh said with a pout.  He threw his legs over the side of the bed and sat up properly, still watching Bolin over his shoulder.  “Did something happen?”

Bolin peeked through his fingers at Iroh.  “No,” he said quickly.  “Maybe, yes.  No.”  His arms fell and he sighed.  “Is this disgusting?”  He looked over at Iroh who reached down and put a gentle hand on Bolin’s chest.  Bolin brought a hand over it and held it there.

“I don’t think so,” Iroh said.  “Granted, I’m gay.” 

“Gay?”  Bolin pulled himself up and covered himself with his clothes once more.  “But I’m not…”  Dejectedly, he leaned against Iroh’s shoulder.  “Mako called it disgusting anyway.”

Iroh sighed.  “Mako is a defensive older brother who thinks he knows what’s best.”  He pat Bolin’s knee.

The two fell quiet.  Bolin didn’t want to say more, and Iroh didn’t know what else to say.  The two cleaned themselves up before laying in bed together, Iroh’s arms wrapped around Bolin’s muscular body.  The morning came and Bolin woke up when Iroh was getting ready for the day.

His head ached and his stomach felt rotten.  He pulled himself up in time to watch Iroh styling his hair in a mirror.  Much more sleek than Mako, Bolin thought.

“I had the weirdest dreams…” Bolin muttered, slowly coming to remember the drunken antics in bed.  He blushed then snapped his eyes back on Iroh when he realized they weren’t dreams.  “Oh, uh…”  His clothes were folded on the bedside dresser.  He quickly covered himself with the bedsheets.  “I should probably leave.”

Iroh glanced over at Bolin as he adjusted his cravat.  “I’d disagree, but I’ve a meeting to go to,” he said honestly.  He walked over to the bed and bent over to kiss Bolin on the head.  “Go make up with your brother.  Today’s going to be big.”

Bolin blushed and nodded, afraid to move lest the sheets prove disloyal.  “Big, how?”

“You’ll find out later.  We’ll be seeing each other.”  He bent over again, tilting Bolin’s chin upward with his index finger, and he kissed him on the lips.  “Now get dressed.”  And with that, he was out the door.

Bolin dragged himself around the room to get ready, struggling to hold both his stomach and his head at the same time, but after he got himself dressed he hurried back to the underground.


Bolin looked in their tent, but his brother wasn’t there.  Discouraged, and still ready to throw up, he set out to find him.  He ran into Gommu first.

“Hello, Wise Hobo!” Bolin greeted with a grin.  “Have you seen my brother?”

“The mopey one?” Gommu asked.  He pointed to the firepit where Mako was sitting by himself.

“Thanks!” Bolin said with a clap on the back before walking over to his brother.  He sat next to him.

Mako looked up, shocked, and he pulled his little brother into a tight embrace.  “Where the hell were you?” he demanded after relinquishing him.  “We were worried sick!”

Bolin shrugged a little bashfully.  “Iroh’s.”  He licked his lips and looked at the ground.  “And I don’t think it’s disgusting.”

Mako frowned.  “You mean, like…”  He blushed and shook his head.  “I mean, whatever!  Just…”  He lightly punched his brother’s arm.  “Don’t leave like that.  Not when everything’s so… bad.”

Bolin smiled and punched his brother back.  Mako rubbed his arm and scowled.  “Love you, big bro,” he said with a grin.

“Yeah, yeah, love you too, little bro.”  Mako couldn’t help but smile.  “Your breath smells horrible.  Did you… Did he get you drunk?!”

“Hey you guys,” Asami called out as she approached them.  “We’re being called on by the United Forces.”  She handed Mako and letter, which Bolin read over his shoulder.  It was a political meeting this time, all of them were to go.

Bolin scratched the back of his head and let out a half-laugh, half-sigh — relieved, mostly, that he didn’t have to explain last night with Asami here.  “It’s gonna be a big day.”